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What is the inseam on ______________?

Any “short” has a 3″ inseam.

Any mid-thigh has a 7″ inseam.

Any knee length has a 12″ inseam.

The energy short has a 4″ inseam.

The Core X line has 7″ inseam.

The Featherweights have a 7″ inseam.


What is this Jock Pocket I keep on hearing about?

It is our penis pocket to keep control of an unruly member. It is in our Core Vibe, Active, and Energy line. Developed for hot yoga and other yoga styles, it keeps you from adjusting yourself during practice.

Developed for Yogis in mind, we have since then been producing this in all of our Core Vibe, Active, Energy line ups.

What is the difference between the Core Active and Core Vibe??

Our Core Active has a 10 panel construction to allow for a tighter fit than its sister, the Core Vibe which has 8 panels.

The more panels that are in the construction of a short, allow for a tighter fit.

More Panels=Tighter Fit

How should I wash my eros?

Laundry does suck, but If you HAVE to wash your eros, we recommend that you wash them in cold water with mild detergent.


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